We’re all different after all…

Hair Styles

I overheard a conversation recently between two old ladies in our local restaurant and it really got me thinking.

They’d had their hair done and were obviously waiting for some friends to enjoy a nice lunch together.

“Ooh, I love your curly hair” said one to the other… “Did you have it curled?”

“No” came the response, “it’s always like that.”

“Sometimes, I wish my hair was as curly as yours.” the other said.

“Sometimes, I would love to have straight hair like yours.”

And so, on the conversation went – each complimenting the other, each admiring the other and wanting to sometimes be the opposite to what they are now.

It was lovely to see that they both really cared about how they looked. Even though they were 80 something, age was not a barrier to looking good.

It also made me realise that one size doesn’t necessarily always fit.

Sometimes people want different things, because after all, we are all different.

We just need to be aware that when we create a new product or a brand, that some people may not like it, others may love it.

We’re all different after all…

It is a reminder as to why we at North Creative always begin every project with market research and getting to understand our client’s needs. And why, even when a project is done, it’s always a good idea to look after it and keep it looking beautiful.

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