Marketing Channels 2017

Start up

The current requirement for multichannel marketing, brings with it the need to learn, prioritise and invest in the right marketing strategies for your company.

You need to prioritise resources on the channels which will give the best returns of investment.

Can offline channels still deliver a good ROI?

Or is digital with its rise of micro influencers a safer place to start?

To help with selection, we have taken inspiration from a 2014 study we found. We then introduced more modern marketing channels, as well as re-visited the goals, reasoning and perception behind these channels.

The 4 end goals that we looked at were entertainment, inspiration, education and convincingness.

We then asked what the reasoning was behind the campaign – to raise brand awareness or a product purchase.

Finally, this was combined with what we believed a person’s perception/response to be – emotive/impulse or logical/informed.

We think the results are interesting.

Where does your organisation spend most of its budget?

Do you focus more on offline or online?

What’s your experience? We’d love to know…

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