The art of selling your brand

The Art of selling your brand

Whilst recently looking around a couple of new car showrooms on a Sunday afternoon, I was surprised to hear how bad the sales people were at selling their own cars.

When comparing the latest Audi, BMW and Discovery Sport (Yes, I’m aware of the middle-class thing!), I was shocked when some of the biggest sales points that the garages pointed out were things like ISOFIX points – erm… my children no longer need those! Not to mention the fact that these are a pretty much standard feature across most cars these days.

I wanted them to tell me why their car was better than others, what were its unique selling points, why I should choose theirs instead of the others.  Tell me about the brand, its ethos and how that’s represented through the car.

After all, a customer made at this level can be a customer for life.

Don’t just tell me “not to use those swear words” when speaking about another car.

Cars at this price point are typically outdone on standard features that many of the other, lower-priced manufactures include. Tell me instead about the quality, the experience… the brand. Why is it that good?

It’s as if they’ve lost the art of selling and are somewhat disconnected from the brand that they are trying to sell you into.

Do you have a similar experience when looking for other products?

I’d love to hear from you.

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